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How to find Šiauliai Art Gallery

Working hours: from Tuesday to Friday: from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., on Saturday: from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. From Sunday to Monday & public holidays: closed.

The price of the ticket – 1,5 Eur, with discount – 0,5 Eur, for groups (with coorparation agreement) – 0,3 Eur, Preschool children, Siauliai University Art faculty students,Lithuania artists association members, art teachers, art school students, accompanying groups of students, disabled people and people with special needs, foster home learners, museums, galleries workers – free entance.

Saturday – families day; Families with children till 16 years – free.

 Education for groups (no less than 10 people) – 1 Eur.


To provide the conditions for the continuity and spread of modern and professional art, for free expression of society‘s culture and its participation in creative activity. To initiate and organize the events of modern art and culture of the city, Lithuania and foreign countries by developing creative, democratic and open society.


To embed the image of Šiauliai Art Gallery being a strong centre of the spread of modern art in Northern Lithuania by participating in the development of civic, Lithuanian and foreign professional art by organising exhibitions, interdisciplinary projects, educational programmes.

Šiauliai Art Gallery, established in 1992, is one of the largest and most important centres of the fine arts in Northern Lithuania in which the exhibitions of the fine arts of the artists of the city, Lithuania or foreign countries, as well as interdisciplinary projects, educational programmes are held. In order to develop the information about modern art and the activity of Šiauliai Art Gallery, the conferences, seminars are conducted, information bureau of modern art works here and the cycles of lectures are delivered to the students of Šiauliai University. As the gallery in its activity follows the principles of art centre open to different kinds of art, various events of thematic experimental, electronic, jazz and classical music are held in it. While arranging the interdisciplinary art projects the gallery purposefully spreads the ideas of modern art; during the festivals it introduces with the most interesting tendencies of the fine arts, media, music, theatre, literature, dance and fashion. By spreading the ideas of the importance of culture, the freedom of creation and artistic searches, the gallery actively participates in cultural life of the city and the Republic. Since the beginning of its establishment Šiauliai Art Gallery creates cultural identity of the city and symbolizes creative powers of the city by fostering artistic novelties. The most significant continuation projects of Šiauliai Art Gallery are the following: international festival of modern art VIRUS, art festival of multimedia ENTER intended for the interaction of digital technologies and art, the cycle of exhibitions of the winners of National Culture and Art Premium, en plein air of scrap metal sculptures KONTRAPUNKTAS (COUNTERPOINT), artistic psychosocial rehabilitation project DĖLIONĖ (PUZZLE), educational programmes JUDANTIS MENAS (MOVING ART) and MENOPOLIS, mobile exhibitions and the cycles of the newest tendencies of the fine arts, annual exhibitions of artists and folk artist of the city are held.



Time: annually in April and May (since 2003)

Place: Šiauliai Art gallery, different cultural institutions of the city, public spaces of the city

ENTER is a festival of professional media art dedicated for the development of media art in Šiualiai city, district and the whole Lithuania and is probably the only such kind of festival in the country. Enter festival became popular as the laboratory of digital technologies and art, virtual sub-cultures and the research of informational society in which the most important tendencies of modern art and culture are covered and revealed by artists’ projects, seminars, the sounds of electronically music and digital views. Huge possibilities of new technologies, growing video culture, the impact of visual art on our everyday life form the necessity to create the space for the self expression of the creators of media art. For several years already this role is performed by media art festival ENTER.



Time: annually in November (since 1996)

Place: Šiauliai Art Gallery, public spaces of the city, different cultural institutions of the city

International modern art festival VIRUS is the only, largest and the most professional festival in Northern Lithuania, combining all kinds of art and introducing the newest and most original art projects in the spheres of fine arts, fashion, dance, music, theatre, literature, media and cinema. It is a kind of laboratory of synthesis of various kinds of art and the only opportunity in Northern Lithuania to feel comprehensive spirit of modern art by participating and visiting different events of the festival. The festival VIRUS presents the projects not of fine arts only but art theory, modern dance, theatre, cinema, street art and vogue as well, in which one can get acquainted with up-and-coming possibilities of modern art, its forms and unexpected new synthesis of the kinds of art. During the festival, educational programmes are implemented, seminars, lectures, theoretical conferences are held.



Time: annually in September during the days of Šiauliai city (since 1996)

Place: Šiauliai Art Gallery, city park near Zubovai palace, public spaces of the city, metal scrap shops

The artists of Šiauliai city, Lithuania and foreign countries participate in unique and exclusive en plein air of scrap metal sculptures “KONTRAPUNKTAS” (“COUNTERPOINT”). For several weeks metal scrap shops become their creative spaces and workshops. The project provides the society of the city and region with the possibilities of the openness and variety of art, when creators by changing their places of creation and usual materials, create unique works of art from scrap. Being temporarily exhibited in public spaces of the city, such works evoke the curiosity of bypassers and once again proves a simple rule that a good artist can create a piece of art from anything.



Time: all year

Place: Šiauliai Art Gallery, various cultural institutions and schools of Northern Region of Lithuania

Educational projects MENOPOLIS AND JUDANTIS MENAS (“MOVING ART”) are intended for artistic and cultural education of children, youth and adults in non-traditional methods and forms. The aim of the project MENOPOLIS – to engage more people of different age, especially youth, in activity of gallery, forming the visitor of modern arts gallery from childhood, forming understanding about modern art and constantly changing its processes. The sessions, arranged in gallery and in other spaces by lectors form original and relevant artistic self-expression of children and adults, help them to discover and realize themselves creatively, provide a possibility to connect artistic searches and technological discoveries of informational society in creative activity. Project JUDANTIS MENAS (“MOVING ART”) – is a continuous cycle of educational events (lectures, reviews, meetings, discussions and exhibitions) in various places of Šiauliai Circuit, striving for wider and more active presentation of modern art tendencies and variety. Šiauliai Circuit and a whole Northern Region of Lithuania is rather aloof from cultural centers of Lithuania not only in geographical point but in usage proportion and quality of cultural news as well. Modern art and modern culture is absolutely inaccessible in small towns and villages. The aim of the project “Judantis menas” (“Moving art”) – to get acquainted as many as possible residents of various towns, small-town and villages of Northern Lithuania with modern art and culture, arranging the tours of transportable exhibitions of professional art, educational events and reviews in various localities. Thanks to visiting lecturers, the creation of the most interesting and talented artists will be represented to the wide society of region. Practical and theoretical sessions (lectures, film reviews, sessions with professional, creative exhibitions) help integrate the community of region, especially youth, to modern art contexts, stimulate their creative self-expression and decrease disjuncture between the centers and periphery.





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